At Grove Juice we procure the best quality fruit available, predominately from farms in Queensland and New South Wales to ensure we get the freshest, premium juice we can. Working actively with the best, local growers we have built long term relationships that continue a long standing tradition of supporting Australian Farmers. We are proud of our strong relationships and the quality of our fruit that you can taste in every bottle.


When the season starts, it’s all hands on deck, our growers use a variety of labour to help harvest their crops. There is a thriving, cosmopolitan workforce that work throughout the fruit regions, including our neighbours in the South Pacific and local Indigenous workers.

It’s great that this industry supports a wide range of people and cultures. Our oranges and apples are hand-picked and handled with care to ensure the best quality we can achieve.


Our factory in Warwick, Queensland, is a state of the art, processing plant. The factory is purposely located in proximity to a number of growing regions. Daily deliveries of fresh fruit, through a co-ordinated program ensures all product is fresh at the time of delivery. 2017 will see us process approx. 35,000 tons of 100% Australian oranges, apples, grapefruits, mandarins, lemons and limes.

Fruit arrives from the farm, is unloaded, chilled, cold processed, bottled and delivered to our customers within 3 days. We aim to provide the freshest quality juice we can, every day, all year round.

Our factory meets all the latest quality assurance accreditations and is a vital part of the Warwick community.