Why buy fruit juice?

100% Fruit juice is a natural beverage made from fruit. There is no added sugar, fruit juice is naturally sweet and nutritious delivering a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Including fruit juice with no added sugar can help you achieve your daily fruit serves. According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines a 125ml glass of juice can count as an occasional alternative to 150g serving of fruit.

What is the difference between Grove Signature and Grove Premium?

Grove Signature range contains 100% Australian grown fruit.

Grove Premium range is a blended juice consisting of quality reconstituted juice and fresh Australian juice.

What does “no added sugar” mean?

No added sugar means that the sweetness of the juice is naturally occurring from the fruit and no additional sugar has been added.

Why do you pasteurise your juice?

Pasteurisation is a rapid heat treatment used to destroy harmful bacteria that might be present in the juice. The shelf life of unpasteurised fruit juice without preservatives is usually only a few days, therefore we choose pasteurisation to protect the quality of our juice.