Our Story

A family owned business backed by a generation of farmers

Our Story

Who are we? We’re not a big corporation but one of the few remaining Australian family-owned fresh juice processors in the country. Why are we different from most of the juice category? We’re not just processors, we are unique in that we are farmers too.

Grove has been crafting naturally healthy and delicious juice since 1969 and we are proud to say we think we’re the best at it.

Grove Juice Family photo with Sally Walters, Archer Walters, Dick Estens standing in a Orange Orchard.

Growing up in rural Australia our owners, the Estens and Walters families share in the same principles of being open and honest in all that we do. In saying that it’s quite the task producing the freshest quality juices year-round, a responsibility that is not taken lightly. Meeting those expectations every day is important to us, it’s what drives us to be Better by Nature.

To consistently supply a range of fresh juices year-round for our customers and consumers we source our fruit not only from our own farms but from Aussie farmers all over the country. Our people and partnerships are critical to our business so it’s just lucky that both Archer and Dick, the owners of the business whose relationship spans for over 40 years, have a passion for yarning and flying cessna aeroplanes. They could talk about fruit for hours. The varieties, the health benefits, how they’re grown, the right time to plant and pick and how we squeeze them daily into the best juice you’ve ever tasted.

We have an invaluable team of over 150 people working across our multiple farms and factories in NSW and QLD and we appreciate everything they do to help us live up to our brand promise of being Better by Nature – everyday, in everything that we do.

Grove Juice History
Teddy Checking out a fresh range of Grove Juice

The freshest juice

Every single piece of fruit is picked and squeezed right here in Australia.

The Grove Juice | Staff Group Picture

Working with Grove

We employ over 150 staff across our two sites and take an active position in the industry via grower interaction and industry-based associations.

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