Farmer Owned & Crafted

Grove Way

There’s a link between the way you cultivate the land and the taste in your glass. 

It’s called craftsmanship.  We combine traditional farming techniques with world-class tech and sustainable practices to bring you the freshest, sweetest, most flavoursome juice.  Juice that’s farmed thoughtfully, picked carefully and squeezed and bottled locally – the way juice is meant to be made.

As good as juice gets​

How can we say, hand on heart, that we know our juice is the best quality?

Because it’s been crafted with care by Aussie farming families who’ve been doing it for generations. Because every batch is tasted and tested by us to make sure it’s up to scratch. And because it comes from fruit we’ve planted, grown, harvested, selected and squeezed ourselves: every last orange, apple, mandarin and mango, from our Grove to your glass. 

Environmental Footprint


Number of trees

800 mil

Approx. 800million metric ton of C02e per year removed


Tonnes of peel saved from waste


Water – drip watering system

Every one of our 275,000 citrus trees uses a drip tap watering system to keep the moisture level just right.

Join Our Grove

We love our family of farmers, growers, pickers, squeezers, bottlers and tasters – and we think you will too. Come be a part of the Grove story.
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Greg Quinn photo

Greg Quinn

Managing Director

Greg is the Managing Director of Grove Juice.

Greg brings over 21 years’ experience in the corporate advisory, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring fields, with primary experience advising on major food and agribusiness sector divestments, acquisitions, capital raisings, mergers, restructures and strategic relationships. 

Greg is a passionate industry leader and advocate for Australian food and agribusiness and a demonstrated record as a result of building and leading a successful Australasian food and agribusiness practice.