Welcome to Moree, NSW

Home is where the Grove is​

Welcome to Moree (aka Grove HQ): a fertile pocket of land in the Gwydir Valley about 500 clicks west of the Northern NSW coast.

When it comes to growing oranges, you won’t find anywhere better. Rich, well-drained soil, abundant water courtesy of the Great Artesian Basin and plenty of Aussie sunshine make it the perfect spot to grow our citrus trees.  Owned and farmed by the Estens family for generations, our orchards are planted with no less than eight different orange varieties across 1250 acres of fertile farmland.

A community of local growers

Farming is a seven-days-a-week job – which is why we couldn’t do it without the help of our expert local growers. We work hand-in-glove with family farms from across Queensland and New South Wales to make sure all our fruit is sourced locally, farmed sustainably and picked at its peak.

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Our homegrown harvest

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Juice done right

At Grove, we’ve got our own way of doing things. We call it the craft method.

Our farmers have honed their craft over generations to bring you freshness and flavour in every sip. From the first planting to the final harvest, we treat our trees with love and care, always doing right by our land, our community and our people.

A farming community

At Grove, we’ll always be farmers first and juice-makers second.

Farming is where we’ve come from. It’s what we know. It’s what we do. Which is why it’s such a big part of the Grove story.

Join Our Grove

We love our family of farmers, growers, pickers, squeezers, bottlers and tasters – and we think you will too. Come be a part of the Grove story.
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Greg Quinn photo

Greg Quinn

Managing Director

Greg is the Managing Director of Grove Juice.

Greg brings over 21 years’ experience in the corporate advisory, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring fields, with primary experience advising on major food and agribusiness sector divestments, acquisitions, capital raisings, mergers, restructures and strategic relationships. 

Greg is a passionate industry leader and advocate for Australian food and agribusiness and a demonstrated record as a result of building and leading a successful Australasian food and agribusiness practice.