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We have purpose-built farms in Northern NSW to help provide a longer window for seasonal fruit. We identified Moree as one of the best places in the world to grow citrus fruit, due to the rich alluvial soils, optimum temperature bands and access to water. We also have contracted farmers in Leeton and Griffith, NSW. 

We are big believers in supporting local businesses which is why we source our fruit locally:

  • Apples are from Stanthorpe, QLD
  • Mandarins from Gayndah, QLD
  • Pineapple from Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Ginger from Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Oranges from our own farms in Moree and contracted farm in Leeton and Griffith, NSW

From farm to table, every single piece of fruit is picked and squeezed right here in Australia.

Within 48 hours from the fruit being picked it is then transported to our Warwick facility to be juiced, bottled, labelled, packed and sent to supermarkets and cafes for our customers to enjoy!

You can find our Grove Juice products in Coles nationally, Woolworths QLD and regional NSW, selected IGA’s, Foodworks, Spar and Drakes stores in QLD, NSW, VIC with Boost juice also available at selected IGA stores in WA.

Yes, our Grove Juice can be frozen, but be careful of expansion when freezing, which could cause the bottle to crack or pop open.

100% Fruit juice is a natural beverage made from fruit. There is no added sugar, fruit juice is naturally sweet and nutritious delivering a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Including fruit juice with no added sugar can help you achieve your daily fruit serves. According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines a 125ml glass of juice can count as an occasional alternative to 150g serving of fruit.

This latest evidence confirms the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG) position that juice is part of the ‘core food’ fruit group and can make a positive contribution to the Australian diet and is associated with markers of healthy diets.


Juice helps Australians meet their daily fruit needs.


94% of Australians are still not eating enough fruit and vegetables.

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According to the EAT FOR HEALTH Australian Dietary Guidelines

Most Australians eat only about half the recommended quantity of fruit. 
The minimum recommended intake of fruit ranges from 1 serve a day for 2–3 year olds to
1½ serves a day for 4–8 year olds, and at least 2 serves a day for older children, adolescents
and adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.


125mL of fruit juice with no added sugar can be included as a serve of fruit “occasionally”

No added sugar means that the sweetness of the juice is naturally occurring from the fruit and no additional sugar has been added.

Pasteurisation is a rapid heat treatment used to destroy harmful bacteria that might be present in the juice. The shelf life of unpasteurised fruit juice without preservatives is usually only a few days, therefore we choose pasteurisation to protect the quality of our juice.

Our juice definitely does not contain any preservatives. We pride ourselves on producing healthy and delicious juice for Aussies that is 100% fruit juice.

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Greg Quinn photo

Greg Quinn

Managing Director

Greg is the Managing Director of Grove Juice.

Greg brings over 21 years’ experience in the corporate advisory, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring fields, with primary experience advising on major food and agribusiness sector divestments, acquisitions, capital raisings, mergers, restructures and strategic relationships. 

Greg is a passionate industry leader and advocate for Australian food and agribusiness and a demonstrated record as a result of building and leading a successful Australasian food and agribusiness practice.